Rubber Mulch… Gaining Traction?

Landscape Rubber mulch:

  •  Remains porous at all times (never mats) allowing nearly 100% of all rain water direct to the soil.
  • Soil temperatures remain only 2 to 3 degrees above wood mulch covered soil temperature as rubber is an insulator. 
  • Weighs 675-700 lbs. per cubic yard.  Resists sinking into the soil and does not generally require a geo textile fabric.  Can be placed under stone driveways or parking areas to support the stone.
  • Acts as a weed deterrent as its non porous nature does not hold water at the surface dehydrating blown weed seed.  Will not stop rhizomial or bulb growth.
  • Depending on the manufacturer is colorfast for 5 to 15 years.
  • Costs 3 to 5 times cost of wood mulch and slightly more or less than decorative stone.

Playground Rubber mulch:

  •  Requires less material than wood mulch to achieve the same fall height rating.
  • Typically high traffic playgrounds will lose 25% of the material every 5 years.
  •  Never compacts but does require periodic maintenance to insure even coverage in fall zones.
  •  Larger particle sizes meet or exceed ADA Wheelchair standards.
  •  Works best with a border to control migration of the material.


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